iPad keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts on an iPad? Are you kidding? No. Not at all. In fact, when you start to work with an iPad+keyboard setup you’ll notice how annoying it is to go back to having to touch the screen whilst typing. If you think keyboard shortcuts are a useful on a computer, they are an absolute must-do on an iPad+keyboard.

Quickly navigate through text (and select*)
Alt + arrow keys              –  Move your cursor one word at the time
Cmd + right arrow key     –  Go to end of line
Cmd + left arrow key       –  Go to beginning of line
Cmd + up arrow key        –  Go to beginning of document
Cmd + down arrow key   –  Go to end of document
*Combine these with the shift key to select text

Alt Delete     – Delete one word
Cmd Delete  –  Delete one line
Fn Delete      –  Not supported unfortunately!

Diacritical marks
Alt E  –  Followed by e makes é
Alt `   –  Followed by e makes è
Alt I   –  Followed by e makes ê
Alt U  –  Followed by e makes ë

Select, copy and paste
Cmd C  –  Copy
Cmd V  –  Paste
Cmd A  –  Select all

Un and redoing
Cmd Z           –  Undo
Cmd Shift Z  –  Redo

Esc                         –  Declines suggested word
Eject                       –  Show on screen keyboard
Media keys             –  Control iPod playback (F7 – F12)
Brightness keys       –  Adjust iPad brightness (F1 and F2)
Cmd Space             –  Switch input language
Standard shortcuts  –  for special characters seem to work

Bonus for iPad Dock Keyboard users:
You have a dedicated Home, Spotlight, Picture Frame and Screen Lock button on your iPad Dock Keyboard. Congrats!

Printable .pdf
As you can tell, it’s quite hard to make a nice layout in a WordPress post. That’s why I created this printable .pdf. Download it, print it. For best results, print two pages on one sheet.


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